Kiki Nelson Photography: Blog en-us (C) Kiki Nelson Photography [email protected] (Kiki Nelson Photography) Sat, 26 Jun 2021 03:18:00 GMT Sat, 26 Jun 2021 03:18:00 GMT Kiki Nelson Photography: Blog 120 120 AFF - An adventure story I've been friends with this kiddo since before he was earthside.  His Mama and I are good friends and teacher colleagues. In his three years on this planet, I have been given a few opportunities to photograph him.  This time was right before we said goodbye (for now) as their family moves eastbound away from Portland to start a new life.  It was an enchanting afternoon spent wandering the conifers of Fennimore Forrest, chasing sunbeams and adventuring to creeks.  I met a pig named Gorgeous and AFF told me about horsetail, did some heavy work at the gravel pit, and shared his treasures.  I will miss my friends so much, and I bet they're off on a pretty big adventure.  If I'm lucky, I'll get to share more of his story someday. 


AFF-32Atlas-32 Atlas-10AFF-10 AFF-51Atlas-51 Atlas-01AFF-01


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Persephone Bound - A Rope Story This shoot was inspired by the Goddess Persephone, the Summer Solstice, and the lush peaches, crimsons, and purples of midsummer.  Persephone is the Goddess of Spring and Queen of the Underworld, half daughter of earth, half queen of hell.  Kind of like Sabrina, if you know that story.

PB (12)PB (12) PB (1)PB (1)

PB (23)PB (23) PB (44)PB (44)


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'Til Death... A Love Story When you're lucky, you get to share in capturing the important days of people that you love.  I was invited to photograph Troy and Seth's wedding and it was so sweet and magical and intimate - a perfect day.  The ceremony took place in the backyard of the Justice and we did a post-ceremony photo shoot at the Lone Fir cemetery in Portland, Or.  (One of my favorite places ever). 


These two humans share so much respect for each other, so much joy together, and so much Love.  Everyone has the right to find the Love that sustains them.  If we have learned anything in the past year, the people we pod with in life will help us endure all of the things that living entails.  No one has the right to keep that from anyone else.  It is beyond cruel to deny Love.   To Love and Be Loved is a basic human right. 


“It is absolutely imperative that every human being’s freedom and human rights are respected, all over the world.”– Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir

 Choose Love, Always.  


TSwedding-130TSwedding-130 TSwedding-122TSwedding-122

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Bewitching Jennifer: A Story Spell IMG_9379IMG_9379 I've been holding these a minute because I don't know when the next session will be.  And, it's not fair.  This bewitching Goddess and I had so much fun doing this shoot.  She was so easy to connect with, and really responded before I even asked.  I think the result is absolutely enchanting.


IMG_9512IMG_9512 IMG_9597IMG_9597 IMG_9880IMG_9880 IMG_0084-2IMG_0084-2

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Offerings for a Weeping World “I wish it need not have happened in my time," said Frodo.
"So do I," said Gandalf, "and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring
IMG_0175-2IMG_0175-2 IMG_0205IMG_0205 IMG_0262-2IMG_0262-2 IMG_0294IMG_0294

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Spring Snow Life has been super lifey (I'm sure for you, too).  A lot of my appointments have had to be pushed out due to illness and general world chaos.  I woke up to an unexpected snow and decided to take the camera out to play in it for a bit.  I love how tree blossoms look with snow and ice drops.  Photographing nature is a different kind of energy than photographing people.  It's much more introspective, with a slower pace.  It's good to take a minute and remember that this world has miraculous beauty in it everywhere... grounding in that today.  

IMG_0112IMG_0112 IMG_0137IMG_0137 IMG_0123IMG_0123 IMG_0169IMG_0169 IMG_0125IMG_0125

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The Lovecats Story These two kitties were the first couple's boudoir I've done.  They were open to ideas and readily brought their own magic with how they moved and connected with each other.  It was really beautiful to be a part of capturing that.  What a gift Love is. IMG_9008IMG_9008 IMG_9093IMG_9093 IMG_9226IMG_9226 IMG_8845IMG_8845  

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The Fangirl Story This boudoir heroine loves bands and going to concerts.  We decided to build her story around her favorite musicians.  To get in the mood, she packed up a billion shirts to bring over.  We went through and picked out our favorites, then went to work.  Each time she'd change shirts, we'd change the music to the band she was wearing. I thought it was important for the energy of the shots to show the connection for her to the music itself. The headphones were a great prop - I love that silver line highlight!


IMG_7456IMG_7456 IMG_7630 - CopyIMG_7630 - Copy


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Springtime Goddess Story For Heather's shoot we were embraced by the hint of spring in the VERY chilly morning air, intoxicated by a bouquet of inspiration (like white green roses with a blush of pink and exotic and evocative protea), and channeling some very strong Goddess energy.  We were so enchanted by this shoot, we've planned a whole series of seasons together.  After seeing what we were able to create together, I can't wait to explore them all!  Hold on for Summer...


IMG_8328IMG_8328 IMG_8249IMG_8249 IMG_8146IMG_8146

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The Mirror Story Megan and I worked together without too much of a concept.  About 2/3 through the shoot, we started involving the mirror.  Though there were some lovely portraits of her, this set where she's interacting with the mirror are pure sizzle.  By giving her that prop (that in turn gave her feedback about her body lines and how she shares sexy) and changing up the point of view, we found that connection magic.

If you want to follow more of my Boudoir Stories (and other story work) become a patron at

IMG_5917IMG_5917 IMG_6408-1IMG_6408-1 IMG_6429IMG_6429

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Milk Bath Boudoir - An Imbolc Celebration with Coco I put a call out recently on facebook for people willing to partner with me through trying some boudoir photography and was lucky enough to get to work with this amazing human.  She came with a pretty clear idea that she wanted to do a milk bath session, which neither of us had done before.  Not really knowing what we'd encounter (and knowing the bathtub we had available certainly wasn't going to do much to support the shoot aesthetically) we decided just to dive in and experience it together.  We used coconut milk (Coco is a vegetarian), flowers, and Eucalyptus.   We laughed a lot and we tried a bunch of stuff and had so much steamy fun!  I think the end result was pretty lovely, and a perfect way to celebrate Imbolc and the melt of Winter into Spring.


IMG_6622IMG_6622 IMG_6709IMG_6709 IMG_7177IMG_7177

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Leilu I had the joy of partnering with Leilu for headshots (they're auditioning for Julliard and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, y'all)! and for some really rad Senior pics.  In prep for shooting for their headshot, I started researching how actors prepare and what they hope comes across in their portrait.  It's pretty tricky to have to have a 2-D image carry your energy across to the viewer all by itself, especially in print format.  This one professional shot serves as your first introduction and the thing that makes them remember you.  It has to show your energy as an actor, your uniqueness, and your ability to be cast.  No big deal for an 8x10 print, right?  

When we were done with the formal stuff, we got to shoot some senior pics, too.  The robo arm was made by Leilu as part of their costuming work.  


IMG_5322IMG_5322 IMG_5383-2IMG_5383-2 IMG_5204-2IMG_5204-2   IMG_5686IMG_5686 IMG_5587IMG_5587

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Nothing to No One - Happy Birthday, KC Nothing to No One play Duffy's - KC's Birthday 


Shot with the Lensbaby Twist60, which gives that super energetic and artistic swirl but can't hang so much with a group shot.  Next time I shoot these boys, I'll grab something for the kit to do that better.  Until then, we'll just have to enjoy them a little twisted. 

IMG_3024IMG_3024 IMG_3146IMG_3146 IMG_3279IMG_3279 IMG_3410IMG_3410 IMG_3439IMG_3439 IMG_3574IMG_3574 IMG_3835IMG_3835
IMG_3691IMG_3691 IMG_3143IMG_3143

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Yule Log More twist 60!  I found myself fascinated watching the fire interact with different herbs I'd dried from my summer garden.  This fire sign loves to play with this kind of light - especially on a cold winter December day.


IMG_2626Garden OfferingChives, Sage, Lavender, Rosemary dried and bundled during summer harvest - an offering to the fire. IMG_2662IMG_2662 IMG_2677IMG_2677 IMG_2682IMG_2682 IMG_2741IMG_2741 IMG_2748IMG_2748 IMG_2752IMG_2752 IMG_2773IMG_2773 IMG_2789IMG_2789 IMG_2841IMG_2841 IMG_2845IMG_2845 IMG_2868IMG_2868 IMG_2881IMG_2881 IMG_2930IMG_2930 IMG_2952IMG_2952

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A twist of fall I took the twist 60 out to capture a bit of fall and to start to learn more about those delicious curves...


IMG_2352IMG_2352 IMG_2345-2IMG_2345-2 IMG_2353IMG_2353 IMG_2350IMG_2350 IMG_2358IMG_2358

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